Why learnprayteach?

Special thanks to Tracy Enoch Photography for capturing our favorite day

Hellooooo! So glad you’re here. Thanks for visiting!

My name is Shelby. I’m a 26 year old newly married Dallas native who never met a cup of coffee she didn’t like or a cup of queso…

I’m a teacher by trade and profession, but a writer, reader, and creator by heart. I love to teach writing, and I also love to share it! This is a page devoted to lessons learned – from the classroom, from marriage, from faith…and, simply, life: the greatest classroom. (:

You’ll see all kinds of posts here! Faith, family, marriage, fashion, friendship, teaching – there will be something for everyone. I created this name several years ago – it came to me in college, 1) because I love to learn; 2) I believe in the power of prayer and need to do better at it each and every day; and 3) because I love to teach – and we all have something to teach each other. There’s something to learn from EVERY one, from EVERY story.

So, my prayer for you every day is to learn something, to pray something, and to teach something every day.

Let’s have some fun!

xoxo. Shelby

2 thoughts on “Why learnprayteach?

  1. Hi! So happy to see a fellow Dallas Native on WordPress! Congratulations on your first post and your Marriage ❤ ! I look forward to reading about your life lessons and advice! Best of Luck xoxo!


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